Retail Property Investment and Development

Retail Property Investment and Development

Financial Strength

CPG was established in 1986 and has grown to be one of the largest private property development and investment companies in the UK. The Group currently has assets in excess of £200,000,000 and a rental income from blue chip tenants of over £12,000,000 per annum. This coupled with zero net debt and backed by high reserves of cash ensures the Company is exceptionally well-financed justifying its D&B rating of 5A1.

CPG’s flagship investment was the 300,000 sq. ft. Centre Retail Park in Oldham. This is one of the largest retail parks in the country and was developed in phases over a 10 year period. It was sold to British Land plc in 2006 and was regarded as a ‘top of the market’ sale. The Company remained in cash until 2009 with over £100,000,000 on deposit awaiting reinvestment in prime property.

In 2009 CPG were one of the top privately funded Investment Companies having acquired, Exe Bridge Retail Park in Exeter (since sold following redevelopment), Chester Retail Park, Malvern Shopping Park and Eastgate Retail Park. Since purchase these investments have, on average, experienced 25% capital growth. In total £130,000,000 has been invested and the company continues to actively asset manage its portfolio.

CPG currently has a significant programme with prime retail and leisure schemes being progressed around the country. Click here to see.

CPG uses its significant cash reserves and also net rental income of £12,000,000 per annum to finance its development activities. The financial strength of the Group has enabled it to continue to develop and invest with a philosophy of concentrating on prime sites and working closely with key Retailers, Local Authorities and Institutional Landowners.

The Group has assets of £200,000,000 with rental income approaching £12,000,000 per annum. Gearing is less than 15% and accordingly most developments are completed without recourse to borrowing.

The financial strength of the group means that there is no restriction on the size of development that can be undertaken.

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